Product from Taiwan

FrozenBaby Clam Meat   
 Bay Scallop 
 Sea Cucumber 
 Yellow Eel Strip 
 Fish, Pork, Shrimp, Beef Meat Balls     
 Hot Pot Ingredients           
 Dumpling and Spring Roll Wrappers     
 Steamed Pork Buns   
 Steamed Dumplings       
 Spring Rolls     
 Vegetarian Bean Curd 
 Beef Don 
 Frozen Wonton 
 Spring Onion Pancakes   
 Chimei Dinner Rolls   
 Chimei Sweet Buns   
 Weichuan Sweet Buns         
 Weichuan Fried Pies   
 Kimbo Cakes   
 Imei Honey Cakes 
 Imei Milk Ice Bars 
SeasoningHot Bean SauceVery versatile sauce used in many spicy dishes such as Eggplant Eggplant Si-Chuan Style
 Sweet Bean Sauce 
 Black Bean Sauce 
 Hot Pot Sauces   
 Jiang Dao SaucesVarious sauces to go on rice or noodle
 Noodle Sauces 
 Five Spice Powder  
 Star Anise 
 Szechuan Pepper Corn 
 Sesame Paste   
 Rice Vinegar 
 Rice Cooking WineTry Pearl Meat Ball Pearl Meat Ball
StaplesEight Grain Rice 
 Five Grain Mix 
 Eighteen Grain Mix 
 Sweet RiceTry Pearl Meat Ball Pearl Meat Ball
 Short Grain, Medium Grain Rice, etc. Many varieties of rice from different parts of the wrold 
Dry GoodsBreakfast Cereal   
 Chinese Style Sausage   
 Cured Meat 
 Preserved Duck Eggs 
 Knorr Soup Mix 
 Herbal Jelly Mix 
 Dried Lotus Seeds 
 Dried Mushroom 
 Cane Sugar 
 Mung Bean ThreadTry Bean Noodle Stir Fried Bean Noodle      
NoodlesRice NoodleTry Vietnamese Egg Roll Vietnamese Egg Roll      
 Weichuan Tainan Style Noodle       
 Hand Made Dry Noodle 
 Wumu Buck Wheat Noodle 
 Wumu Dry Noodle       
 Weichuan Instant Noodle     
 Wumu Instant Noodle 
 Weilih Zha Jiang Instant Noodle 
 Tung I Instant Noodle 
 Vegetarian Instant Noodle 
Canned GoodsAGV Canned Goods 
 AGV Pickled Vegetable 
 Companion Canned Goods 
 Canned Mushrooms 
 Fermented Bean Curd 
 Canned Seafood 
 Canned Jell-O 
 Kimlan Pickled Vegetable 
 Weichuan Pickled Vegetable 
 Tomo Pickled Vegetable 
 HN Pickled Vegetable 
VegetarianGluten Balls 
 Beancurd Roll 
 Dried Beancurd 
 Gluten Product   
 Soy Product 
 Tofu Product 
 Veggie Dumplings   
 Veggie Ham 
Tea/DrinksGreen Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Jasmine Tea 
 Weichuan Tea Bags 
 Oolong Tea   
 Barley Tea 
 Jasmine Green Tea 
 Ti Kuan Yin Tea 
 Green Tea Powder 
 Tea Drinks       
 Apple Soda 
 Carambola Drink 
 Cici Drinks 
 Grass Jello Drink 
 Liuh Dean Drinks   
SnacksShredded Squid 
 Bean Curd Snack   
 Sesame and Peanut Candy 
 Snack Noodle 
 Melon Seeds 
 Pumpkin Seeds 
 Preserved Fruits 

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