Dry Goods

TaiwanBreakfast Cereal   
 Chinese Style Sausage   
 Cured Meat 
 Preserved Duck Eggs 
 Knorr Soup Mix 
 Herbal Jelly Mix 
 Dried Lotus Seeds 
 Dried Mushroom 
 Cane Sugar 
 Mung Bean ThreadTry Bean Noodle Stir Fried Bean Noodle      
ChinaAgar Strip 
 Bean Curd Stick 
 Dried Cloud Ear   
 Dried Lily Buds 
 Dried White Cloud Ear 
 Dried Black Moss 
 Dried Dates 
 Dried Jujube Dates 
 Dried Lily Bulbs 
 Dried Gluten Balls 
 Dried Longyan 
 Rice Cake   
 Rock Sugar 
 Mung Bean VermicelliTry Bean Noodle Stir Fried Bean Noodle
 Apricot Kernel 
 Dried Chrysanthemum 
 Fox Nuts 
 Dried Lotus Seed 
 Dried Poontarai 
 Dried Haw 
 Dried Frutus Lychii 
 Dried Medicinal Roots     
 Luo Han Guo 
 Ching Po Leung 
JapanMochikoSweet Rice Flour
 Kiri Mochi 
 Tempura Flour 
 Okonomiyaki Flour 
 PankoBread Crumb
 Konbu Seaweed 
 Hijiki Seaweed 
 Wakame Seaweed 
 Nori Seaweed Sheets 
 Ume BoshiPickled Plums
S.E. AsiaRice Flour 
 Tapioca Flour 
 Lobo Jello Mix 
 Pancit BihonRice Noodle
Try Vietnamese Egg Roll Vietnamese Egg Roll
 Pancit CantonWheat Noodle
 DeRuijterChocolate Bread Topping
 Rice PaperTry Vietnamese Egg Roll Vietnamese Egg Roll
Mid EastSlivered Almond 
 Falafil MixVegetable Burger Mix
 Pine Nuts 
 Shelled Walnut 
 White Kidney Bean 
 Shelled Fava Bean 
 Baking Dates 
 Dry Lemon 
 MamraPuffed Rice
 SojiCream of Wheat
 Chappati Flour 
 Rice Flour 
 Coconut Flakes 
 Coconut Powder 
KoreaPotato Flour 
 Pressed Barley 
AfricaPlantain Fufu 
 Casava Fufu 
 Cocoyam Fufu 
 Pounded Yam 
 SemolinaTry with Peanut Stew Peanut Stew
 Grounded Egusi Seeds 
S. America16 Bean Soup Mix 
 Whole Green Peas 
 Coarse Corn Meal 
 Yoki Pan de QuesoCheese Bread Mix

The list is not comprehensive. Please come in and browse!